Life Saving

Floreat Surf Life Saving Club patrols the beach from 1st October to 29th March.  Please see the calendar for dates.

The patrol shelter is usually set up on the beach on the left side of the club where the majority of the general public access the beach and where it is safest for  swimming.  On arriving on the beach in the morning, the Patrol Captain will conduct a  a risk assessment to decide the safest area for swimming based on the tide, ocean conditions and the weather. He or she will then designate this area using  the red and yellow flags.  

The majority of the patrol and rescue equipment is kept in the patrol shelter but given that we patrol from the northern side of City Beach Groyne right up to the northern edge of the Peasholm Dog Beach (2.5km towards Scarborough), we also need to have a fully equipped 4WD and an ATV.

Last season we had 145 members with either a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion who were actively involved in providing life saving services to the general public and club members at Floreat Beach. The Club was awarded third place in the Lavan Legal Club of the Year and came third in the Laerdal Patrol Club of the Year. Surf Life Saving WA has 29 clubs that compete for these awards. The club is very proud to have received these awards and they are a reflection of the high level of skill and commitment  of Floreat club members.

Volunteering at Floreat Beach:

Becoming a patrol member is a fun way to volunteer while keeping a healthy lifestyle and learning new skills in the aquatic and first aid environments.
To become a surf life saver you will need to undertake some training.  Click on the Education tab to find out about  all the training that we offer and the dates of courses.
If you are 13 years old, you can complete your Surf Rescue Certificate or if you are 15 years or older, you can obtain your Bronze Medallion.  The training takes about  6-8 weeks in order to become proficient in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, emergency care and First Aid.
Once you have completed and passed your Surf Rescue Certificate or your  Bronze Medallion, you will be eligible to wear the red and yellow uniform and join a patrol. You will be rostered onto a particular patrol and you must commit to attend your rostered patrols.

If you want more information about patrols, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are interested on becoming a member please go the the Membership & Fees page.